what no one warns a full-time creative

The fact that it’s already mid-October, it’s a huge realization of how quickly the year is coming to an end. I’ve always felt that time moves quickly and yet slowly – maybe it’s one of those the-days-are-long-but-the-years-are-short type of feelings. Regardless, I’ve been full-on, full-time creative/artist/photographer/entrepreneur-esque for over four months now. I know, I know….. … More what no one warns a full-time creative

j a x – one year

I’ve seen Jax recently, due to some frequent trips from momma in the last month, but I haven’t photographed him since his newborn session! He is the sweetest little boy and loves to give hugs. I could seriously just pinch his cheeks every three seconds. Mom wanted a “wild one” theme, but not the super … More j a x – one year

l i l a h – one year

You all know that smash-cake sessions are my favorite, and Lilah’s was no exception! Lilah showed up with her entourage of mom, big brother, and grandmother aka “G”! Momma worked HARD to get those super-cute smiles and fun expressions, and it was so worth it! Meagan had everything picked out and planned, as far as … More l i l a h – one year