what no one warns a full-time creative

The fact that it’s already mid-October, it’s a huge realization of how quickly the year is coming to an end. I’ve always felt that time moves quickly and yet slowly – maybe it’s one of those the-days-are-long-but-the-years-are-short type of feelings. Regardless, I’ve been full-on, full-time creative/artist/photographer/entrepreneur-esque for over four months now. I know, I know….. wooooooaaaah. Look at you, big, bad lady boss (sarcasm, here, people). Even though it’s been a short… long… uh, number of months on my own, I’ve learned a few hard truths that no one warns you about when you decide to do business for you, by you.

i t ‘ s      l o n e l y .
You’ll spend so much of your time alone. Sure, I have photography sessions and weddings and art orders (as well as babysitting my nephew a set number of hours), but I’m home ALL. OF. THE. TIME. You won’t wake up to an alarm, forced to be somewhere at a certain hour, be at work all day, followed by a typical commute home. You may have to actually work for only an hour or few a day, and other than that, it’s getting done whatever you need to. For me, personally, I do all of my editing photos and painting at home. I find that when I do go out, or meet clients for pickups, I’m either super awkward (okay…. more awkward) or I don’t want to go home.

t h e      w e i g h t     g a i n .
Sure. You can blame your boyfriend’s love of Jioio’s pizza, or the fact that you’re inching towards thirty (is it bad that I plan on doing a pizza smash for my 30th? Don’t answer that), but the hard reality is that you’re just gaining weight because you don’t move as much as you used to. The diet doesn’t change… which, is the problem… but the activity slows way down. For me, I stay in my one-level home, other than using the steps to and from the basement for laundry or studio access.

h y g i e n e . . . o r      l a c k     t h e r e o f .
Where my perfume and dry shampoo ladies?! Really, I don’t need to get into this one. And you probably don’t want me to…

p a i n ,    p a i n ,    p a i n .
Either shooting with a 70-200mm lens the majority of the time, or reaching over 24×36 canvases to paint those details. Let’s just say it’s ironic that I left behind working as a Chiropractic Assistant.

i n q u i r i e s    e v e r y w h e r e .
You’ll have two Facebook pages to run, among potential other apps. One to two emails. Your regular Facebook messenger. You’ll even run into people randomly who may ask “oh hey, do you have a photo session open on _____ day?”, or “hi there, do you think you could paint _____ for me by _____ date?” You won’t be able to keep your head on straight or all of your messages organized. You know those companies people hire to get their houses organized and decluttered? I need the online version of that. Or just an assistant. Or a robot. Something.

a l l     o f      t h e      d o u b t .
This is probably the toughest and realest one. You doubt yourself daily. And a big part of that has to deal with you spending too much time on social media and not enough time in your Bible. You’re gonna ask yourself all of the questions: Am I good enough? Will people like what I produce? Will people buy what I produce? Will people think I’m a joke? Will I ever feel good enough? Will I ever be where I want to be?

d a y s     r u n      t o g e t h e r .
Think Robin Williams in Jumanji after he’s freed from the jungle in the game. By the way… the answer isn’t 1995, it’s “girl, you better figure it out so you don’t accidentally miss a wedding.” Thank goodness for day planners, for real.

s o m e    p e o p l e     w o n ‘ t     g e t    i t .
Some people may add to that doubt, only because they don’t understand your mission in what you want your career to look like. You may find that those people can include your family. They may blame it on a “different generation”, but regardless, they’ll probably still convince you that you need to go out and get a “real job.”

However… all of the negative aside…

y o u     c a n ‘ t     i m a g i n e    i t    a n y     o t h e r     w a y .
You’ll almost be in disbelief or shock because you’re actually DOING what you always “dreamed” about doing. You’ll look at your life and see the power in following your dreams and staying true to what you love in life. You can’t imagine going back to nine-to-five corporate America, and you don’t want to. Sure, there are definitely the challenges and the setbacks to how you’re doing this thing, but if you can do it, just keep doing it, and for as long as you can! It’s what you love, and it’s what you were created to do.

So go keep doing you, boo.
Just… blend in that dry shampoo a little better and scrub the dried-on pizza sauce off of your chin.


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