b r i – 2019 senior

Bri’s mom, Michelle, and I had been emailing back and forth regarding Bri’s senior session. I had taken a vacation the week of, and had Bri’s senior session scheduled the night of my return. I told Michelle we were still good to go, and that the hurricane rains seemed to be holding off.

A small group of us, including Bri’s friend from school, headed out to Seton Hill. The sky was looking prettttty skeptical, and we eventually did get hit with some brief, light rain. Another photographer was there, shooting what I’m assuming to be another senior, and invited us to huddle with her! Luckily it passed, and we ended up getting some gorgeous golden-hour sky later on.

Bri is a natural redhead, and I just adore her gorgeous locks (although mom, being a hair stylist, wants to add a little blonde… hahaha). A few outfit and jewelry changes gave her some varied shots, and that gusty wind provided that model-esque blow! Go, girl.

Enjoy senior year, Bri!









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