d a n n y – two years

I photographed Danny’s one-year session this time last year, so I was excited when Natasha reached out to me for the second year. Danny loves trains and planes, so we talked about how to tie those in to fit more of a travel/adventure theme to include both. Natasha ended up purchasing an airplane backdrop (seriously super cheap on Amazon, too!) so our plane theme was decided!

It was a team effort getting Danny to sit in the “clouds” and play with his planes, and he barely touched his cake just like last year! We had to improvise and hide puffs behind the cake to make it look like he was eating it – photographers are sneaky and don’t let anyone tell you differently. Not to mention, he had a pretty nasty scratch the entire length of his neck (all credit goes to photoshop).

I love this session though, and it really solidifies how much I love photographing kids. I love the imagination and the innocence I see with these, but also can laugh knowing that it was tough to get the shots that we did! Especially since he told me “no” to basically everything :p

Happy birthday, Danny! I compared these images to last year’s, and I can’t wait to watch you (and your sister) continue to grow!









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