sarah&brandon – engaged

Of courrrrrse I had to photograph these guys at Twin Lakes in Greensburg, since that’s where Brandon proposed! We even went to the same exact bench where the magic happened to take a few shots!

Sarah took out an orange journal during the session, and it had the sweetest backstory. These guys, through college, would take turns sharing / writing in / reading the journal. When Brandon was thinking of popping the question, he knew Sarah would recognize a ring box. At the very end of the journal, brandon had cut out a square shape through several pages, and had a piece of ribbon that was tied to a ring. GUYS. I love it.

In their six-ish years of lovin’ each other, these two have never gotten professional photos together! I was glad to hang out with them and shoot their engagement session. I’m looking forward to working with them again next year at their wedding! OH and Sarah picked her dress today?! Makin’ money moves, gf.

Congrats, guys!








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