d r a y b i r t h d a y s

I tried really hard to tie in Draybella with salon birthday puns… but this blog post title is the closest thing I could come up with. Regardless of my lack of wit, THIS SMASH CAKE SESSION IS EVERYTHING. 

I frequent Draybella often (roughly every six weeks, to be precise, for a trim) and the owner, Jill, had been talking about a smash cake session for her fortieth for quite sometime. Last year, when she first mentioned she’d be turning forty in February, I instantly panicked: I didn’t feel I had the indoor studio space to pull this off how I wanted to… but how would I do the session outdoors, in February weather (although, admittedly in southwest PA, we had some AMAZING weather in February this year. Un.Real.).

And thennnnn, it hit me. Maybe it was the heat from the blowdryer on my skull at the time I was mulling all of this over (gettin’ did, of course), but my mind went straight to the salon. Especially when Jill’s assistant and long-term “second daughter”, Allie was turning twenty-two on the exact same day. I had to do this in the salon. I had to combine both of their birthdays into one session. And with Jill’s permission, we did.

Figuring out a relative theme was easy. I wanted to keep the salon as normal as possible: Products still on the station tables, chairs still in their regular positions. I wanted their look – outfits, hair and makeup, cake, etc. – to blend well with the already-existing black elements. Most importantly, I wanted them to have fun.

I’m in love with this session. All of it. I’d encourage any adult to do this, because literally every time I’m done with an adult cake smash, the first thing clients say is how absolutely fun it is.

I can’t wait to see some of these in print at the salon! ❤












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