j a x – newborn

I had Jax’s session in-home, and it was perfect. Stephanie has his nursery fox-themed. It’s rustic and just completely adorable. Gray and wood walls compliment the whole outdoor adventure feel to the room.

Steph had a crochet fox outfit, which we paired with other items in his nursery. There is a cute picture hanger on the one table, and I told her it was the perfect spot for a print of little Jax in his fox attire! I love when clients incorporate a vision or idea into the session: they can use it for something later to add to what they already have.

There were a variety of family members present during our session, and I loved seeing each of them either participate or peek in to see what we were up to. Stephanie’s nieces were two in particular who had a blast being present watching me work – I even received a hug and a kiss on the cheek from one of them!

I’m so happy for you and Frank. Children are such a blessing. Cherish the little things, the days will fly by! I hope to work with little Jax again soon!







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