m a r i s s a – 2018 senior

Yes, you ARE seeing double. Sort of.

Not only did I have two clients named Marissa, with the same spelling, on the same day, who are senior girls, but some of their family members share the same names too! Talk about confusing.

For Marissa’s session, me, her and mom traveled to Twin Lakes, and we JUST beat the rain. When I got there, and even on the way there, the sky was looking pretty scary and thunder was definitely present. I had already texted Marissa’s mom earlier in the day, thinking that it was going to rain, but we decided to head out for senior photos anyways, like the brave people we are. I wasn’t so brave running to my car in the rain afterwards, though.

We had a good time walking around and talking, and I saw a huuuuge confidence shift when Marissa put on her maroon romper with her wedges – let’s just say she killed it. I mean, this girl has Victoria’s Secret legs and she made this senior session her runway. Go girl!












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