a n d r e w – 2018 Senior

Andrew’s mom is a woman after my own heart. Lots of land, cabin-styled home, wooden walls, stone fireplace, and antiques everywhere. I was ready to start making offers on stuff! Just kidding. Sort of.

The house reminded me of Dennis Pushkar’s location – just absolutely beautiful. In fact, it took me back to my own senior session years ago. Okay, many years ago…

The coolest part of the session was being able to have Andrew pose with the Mustang his grandfather had left him. I love when seniors, or clients in general, are able to utilize something so personal or sentimental to make the session special. I appreciate Andrew’s dad driving the car to the perfect location, and for moving it to get that certain angle competing with the sun. I could tell Andrew’s mom was getting a little emotional as I posed Andrew with the car, so I’m glad we could do this for her as well.

I still say you get at least a 16 x 20 print of you and the mustang 😉 How cool would that be for a college dorm?! #amIright










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