what your wedding photographer wants you to know

First thing’s first:
I am in no way, shape, or form  writing this to demean or offend aaaaanyone.

H      O      N      E      S      T.

These are just some suggestions, if you will.

(courtesy of Google images)

You are in no way required to follow even a fraction of what I’m about to pour out.
However, I’d really appreciate it if you’d consider.


D o n ‘ t     W o r r y     A b o u t     H o w     W e      D o      O u r      J o b
A great advantage of my job is meeting a variety of people and building relationships: I love it! I’m more than willing and happy to talk to people about anything and everything… even photography. With that, comes a lot of people who are going to tell me how they think I should do my job. If you want to talk camera basics, gear, lighting, etc. I will ALWAYS be willing to have a conversation. A lot of people will approach me and ask what I shoot with, what the “big white thing” on top of my flash is, how heavy that 70-200 must be, etc. If you yourself are a photographer, it’s even cooler that we have something in common. I’m always interested in learning more and seeing other people’s work.  I had someone recently approach me after a wedding to tell me how hard it was to not correct me and show me how to do my job… ouch!

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

If it’s good enough for Dr. Suess, it’s good enough for me.
We were hired for our own unique skill and style! 🙂


L e t      U s      D o    O u r    J o b
Believe me. I’m a photo-snapping, facebook-uploading addict as much as the next twenty-something. And I completely understand that weddings provide the perfect opportunity to go iphone camera crazy. But if someone is in the center aisle during the first kiss with a disposable camera, or  blocking us when you’re cutting the cake, we may not be able to capture it like we hoped (and that’s not good for you OR us).  Again, I totally understand that friends and family get excited at weddings and want to feel included. Heck, I even encourage others to photograph! I’m not the best at what I do, and I will ALWAYS admit that. Sometimes guests with a creative eye can capture something better than I can, from a different angle or perspective. And I know the bride and groom appreciate everything from their day that people take. As wedding photographers, we just want attendees to realize that we’re there for a reason as much as you are, and to let us do what we were paid to do. A lot of the time, we have to follow rules (especially in churches) so when we’re trying to be respectful and a guest is photographing either using flash, moving around the church, or something else that could violate the agreement, it may not be the best.


W e    A r e    S u p p o s e d    T o     P h o t o g r a p h    Y o u 
Yes, you. Breaking it down on the dance floor after those seven shots of peach schnapps. Our job is to capture the moments of the day, so if you decide to do the electric slide, then expect to be photographed. We’re not picking on you. We’re not stalking you. We don’t have a crush on you. We’re only doing what we were paid to do.


P l e a s e    F e e d    U s
Yes, this may sound ridiculous, but “hangry” is a real thing. If you’ve purchased full-day photographer coverage and don’t have us eating at your reception, it could get nasty. We’re required to be physically and mentally present anywhere from twelve to fourteen hours. Girls gotta eat.


“P i n t e r e s t    F a i l s”    E x i s t    F o r    A   R e a s o n
Ah, Pinterest. Where we can consider our next meal, plan our wedding, design our homes, and clothe our children all from the convenience of our own bed. Did I mention plan our wedding? This includes wedding photographs that are “must-needed”, “trending”, “must-have”, and “what every bride should have her photographer document”…dang. That’s a lot of pressure. One bride’s beach wedding at sunset isn’t going to look like another bride’s fall barn venue.  Pinterest is so bittersweet: it’s full of ideas, but also allows brides to have a very specific vision.  In the same way that no two weddings are alike, no two photographers are alike. My style is very light and airy, and that’s where I’m most comfortable. That’s how I most like my work. Stick me in a barn with no windows and it’s a different story. I’ll be the first one to tell you that flash is not my forte. It’s something to definitely consider when choosing a photographer for your specific location.


P h o t o s h o p   :   E n o u g h    S a i d 
Most, if not all wedding photographers use some sort of post-processing  to edit their work. Again, a bride may expect something that we can’t recreate simply due to lighting, location, or editing style. I wish I were that talented. I really do. Currently clapping for all of the togs going viral due to their edits. We can’t all be photoshop wizards. For the record, I can’t make people skinnier.


P h o t o   C r e d i t   i s   G o o d    C r e d i t 
We love photo credit. It’s not necessary, but just know that we love it. We want you to be excited about your images. If you mention us or give us credit, it makes us feel special. Hashtag keep it up 😉



So there you have it.

Some things to maybe consider yourself or pass along to someone else. Whether you’re in the wedding-planning process, or decide on being super observant the next time you get a wedding invite, these are some good-to-know tips. We also like tips…


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