h a n n a h – 2018 Senior

Man, Hannah was a natural at her senior session. I met her, along with mom and dad, at Seton Hill in Greensburg and between the lens flare and bokeh, I was in golden-hour glory. I can tell that she put thought into the hair, makeup, and outfits, so this location was perfect in complimenting her natural beauty.

We circled pretty much the entire campus to get a wide variety of shots. I love how flexible SHU is: from wooded areas, to open field, to the gorgeous old-school architecture of the school buildings. Hannah handled all the walking (partly in heels, mind you) like a true marching-band boss that she is.

Hoping that these images are a GREAT start to your senior year 😉
In all honesty, enjoy every minute of your last days in high school. Don’t rush on deciding on colleges. Realize that it’s ok if you’re battling between education and human resources – I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up. Don’t be hard on yourself; use each mistake and setback as a learning experience. Keep an open mind. And most importantly, have FUN! Aaaand, stop remind me of how old I am… 😛











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