a n g e l a – maternity

It baffles me just how flawless my maternity clients are. I seriously have no words. These ladies belong in magazines! Ang is absolutely NO exception, being absolutely stunning in general. There is just something about that pregnant glow that is so real, even if these mommas-to-be don’t see it. And I don’t just mean that golden-hour light, although for this session it MADE these photos what they are (okay, in addition to added lens flare and sunset overlays on my part).

Ang & James met me probably just before 8:00 p.m., and that warm sunlight just did its magic. They arrived, looking perfectly cleaned up as usual, but that MATERNITY GOWN! Whew.

I’ve seen other photographers post about how lighting and time of day can give your images such a different look, and it’s so true. As warm as this evening was, color wise, I still tried to stick with my airy approach, without dismissing too much of that orange-like hue.

I can’t believe that by this time next month, they’ll be holding little Penelope. I’m so glad that we were able to document baby while she’s still inside of momma – what amazing memories and keepsakes for when she gets older (not to mention, for mom and dad).

Hope you guys enjoy these!!










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