m a s o n – two years

Man. Where do I even begin? I have been photographing Mason since he was in Shelby’s belly. To think that he is already two just amazes me, and also reminds me that I’m getting older too (twenty-eight next week!).

I love themed sessions. I love when kids are into something and we can incorporate it to make it that much more fun for them. Last year, Mason was all about Mickey Mouse. This year, he is obsessed with Batman (aka “nannan!”).

I had a lot of fun preparing for this session. When Mason and Shelby showed up, Mason showed me an enormous batman figurine, and the hugest smile filled his face. In addition to that, we had a skyline backdrop, balloons, and a smash cake. I’d say he had a pretty good time.

Happy birthday, Mason! It has been so much fun watching you grow. I can’t wait to see how mom uses these images in your Batman-themed room!











One thought on “m a s o n – two years

  1. I’m not even sure where to begin, Angie has followed Mason through my pregnancy until now. She’s captured every moment I’ll never be able to get back… watching my baby grow has been the biggest blessing in my life! Thankfully for the energetic and creative person angie is, she’s been able to follow us along this journey called life! We can’t wait for the next photo session! We love you!


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