b r i s t o l – one year

It amazes me how much babies grow in their first year. All. Of. Them. I adore photographing those changes… from opening their eyes, to smiling, to sitting up on their own, to standing.

First birthday photos are up there with some of my favorites, as far as child photography is concerned. Every parent has a specific theme in mind, and I love making these visions come to life through pictures. And let’s face it, it’s hilarious to watch a kid eat ANYTHING, let alone cake.

I hadn’t seen Bristol since she was basically brand new, so she looked SO grown up to me. Her mom, Katie, had THE MOST adorable diaper cover and little leg coverings, with cupcakes on them! So naturally, little Bristol enjoyed some cupcakes for her big day.

She’s a tough one! I think some baby teeth are trying to come in, and that probably doesn’t help, no matter how many cupcakes you’re given. I still adore this session – the theme, the colors, and of course baby Bristol. 🙂

Hope these brighten your otherwise gloomy Tuesday!









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