d e c l a n

I was so ecstatic to see Stacy and Corey pull up to the studio with little Declan sleeping in the backseat. It’s so surreal to me every time I see returning clients from maternity sessions, now in a new role of parenthood. Stacy and I began discussing the maternity session, and the images, how long they tried for this miracle baby boy, and I saw her starting to get emotional.

“we’ve just waited so long for this.” 

It truly touched me. You never realize the impact you’re making on your clients, the difference. Unless they tell you or show you, you really never fully understand it. The moments like that, of feeling so deeply touched and hugging your client and crying together, those are the times which really affirm that I’m where I should be in this field.

Declan did so well, aside from an occasional fuss and need to be held or fed, which is completely natural. I took my time with him, as I intently do with all of my little clients. I’m SO pleased with how well he did, especially when we were able to finally get him to sleep (legitimate team effort).

I am so completely happy for Stacy and Corey, and simultaneously so proud of them. They have been through so much, and despite it all, I know God had a plan to bring little Declan in their lives at just the right time. Prepare to fall in love! 🙂










2 thoughts on “d e c l a n

  1. Angie you are so talented in everything you do! Thanks for being able to take such beautiful pictures of our son Declan. He may be the only child I’m blessed to have. Thank you for making memories for Corey and I that we can cherish forever. Even though he may be a little embarrassed when he’s older (lol) but he’ll know that he was loved. Words can’t thank you enough!


    1. ❤ ❤ ❤ you said it… "blessed" – a huge blessing for sure, even if he is the only one. cherish and love him, for the time will CERTAINLY fly by. I'm so excited for your purpose as a mother, I have no doubt that it will be your favorite role thus far 🙂 I'm always honored to work with you. thanks so much for the encouragement.



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