r o w a n

I love babies. Absolutely LOVE them.

Ashley and Aaron have been on such an incredible photography journey with me. From engagement, to their wedding, to maternity pictures, and now newborn pictures of miss Rowan.

When I saw Rowan enter the world through social media, I was just thrilled for them. I’ve seen so much happen for them and am so grateful that I’ve gotten to document all of their big life moments. I’ve gotten close with them, just from being so involved in their lives, and I wouldn’t trade it. When I saw that Rowan was finally born, I knew this was going to be a fun, new chapter.

I try to be as natural and genuine with newborns as I can. I try to pose them in ways that are natural, and specific to their age (if you’re seven days old, ain’t NO way you holdin’ up your own head with your fists #sorrynotsorry).
I wanted Rowan to be as comfortable as possible, but I also wanted her to just be HER… in HER own way, doing HER own thing. This also included a lot of eating, farting, and crying, but hey… it wouldn’t be a newborn session without that.

Ashley and Aaron had a pretty rough time with her the night before. Me being my nocturnal self, I was naturally up at 2 a.m., but I know for them it was exhausting. Aaron was messaging me pictures of Ashley sleeping in the rocker and him in the teepee they have for her. It was basically like a big nursery slumber party. Let’s just say we moved their morning session to later that afternoon.

It was such a joy watching them with baby Row. They’re such naturals, and it’s such a good look for them. They worked together, comforting her and positioning her. And SHE did such a great job too.

Little Rowan:
Welcome to this big world. I am excited to see you grow before my very eyes. Just know that you couldn’t be more lucky to have Ashley and Aaron as mommy and daddy. Also know that I’m super excited to photograph your smash cake pictures, so be ready.

Everyone else:
Here she is – brand new, in all of her innocent baby-girl glory.







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