Ashley – maternity

I had photographed both Ashley and Aaron’s engagement photos and wedding photos (and they JUST celebrated their one-year anniversary), so when they told me they were starting a family, I was ecstatic for them. There’s nothing more rewarding as a photographer than clients who choose you repeatedly for each stage of their lives. It’s amazing to document people’s life stories and be on that journey with them. Honestly, it’s an honor.

To surprise Aaron with the news, Ashley literally stuck a bun in their oven.

“He got it right away, and cried,”

she explained to me at St. Vincent College in Latrobe, where I had photographed all of their sessions.

Little Rowan is due January 16 of next year. How did they decide on a name? Aaron’s means “high mountain” where Ashley’s is based off of the ash tree.

They liked the name for their future little girl, and Ashley was stunned when she randomly researched the name’s meaning:  a type of ash tree upon a mountain top. Let’s just say it gave me chills when she told me. It couldn’t be more perfect.

I always have adored photographing these two (and now three) together. They are so kind with each other, yet Aaron is super goofy and always making Ashley laugh. I have no doubt that they’ll both be amazing parents, especially since Ashley is a teacher.

Hope you enjoy your first session as a family, guys! 🙂














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