Danielle&Casey – engaged

Two pairs of pants. Two pairs of socks. Three shirts. A blanket scarf. Two knit hats.

I was finally prepared for Danielle and Casey’s engagement session. And if you couldn’t already tell from the first line of this blog, it was freezing outside.

I met an eager Danielle and Casey at Twin Lakes, after Danielle had gotten both hair and makeup done (and she looked flawless, by the way). Being a nurse, she had just worked a twelve-hour shift (which ended at 7 a.m., and our session was at 11 a.m. Just keep that in mind…). You’d never know she was as exhausted as I’m sure she was, especially since I made them both stop every so often, take off their coats, pose, put their coats back on, and keep walking. I’m pretty sure my clients who endure the cold can do anything.

Healthcare is what brought them together over three years ago, and I’m so excited for them and their future. And let me tell you, Casey knew what he was doing with that ring purchase. He even included Danielle’s birthstone on the side.

Hopefully you’ll be viewing these images somewhere warm. Enjoy!












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