Stacy – maternity

I have gotten really lucky with weather lately, and this was the perfect sunny, fall type of session. I pulled up next to Stacy and Corey and thought how cute Stacy looked… and thennnn realized we were sporting the same exact Old Navy vest. I had to laugh (right before getting a cell pic of us together, of course).

Stacy walked up and down and all around on two severely swollen feet, as her husband added “she’ll do anything for a picture” – and she truly DID. Not once did she complain. Not once did she need a break. If there was any fatigue that she was feeling, it didn’t show in the least.

These guys have been waiting for this little baby for a while. And I mean a while. They had gone through various testing and surgeries, and it seemed like nothing was working. When Stacy was finally TOLD that she was pregnant, she actually didn’t believe it.

It’s stories like this one that make documenting it so rewarding. These guys were so loving and so sweet the entire session. I couldn’t be more happy for them, and they couldn’t be more deserving.








Stacy’s due date is Christmas day, so naturallyyyyyy… 





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