stephanie&frank – engaged

I was getting ready to meet Stephanie and Frank in Mount Pleasant for their engagement shoot when I saw a familiar silver jeep pull up to the front of my house. My hair was wet, my makeup was not done, but I still rushed to the door to see a familiar face. My boyfriend Rob stood in the doorway with a bouquet of flowers, and I was speechless. He was aware of my session in the next couple of hours and said “Winery?! I’m there.”

We drove out to Greendance where he grabbed a table and a bottle of Isabella while I met a beaming Stephanie and Frank as they approached me. We chatted a bit until I started to unpack my gear. Frank asked “is that a full frame?” and I smiled as I realized we had a common interest.

Frank also photographs, and trains are a huge interest of his. I made sure we got some images by the train tracks, being careful not to have them anywhere too close to them (being that they’re still active).

He ended up proposing to her last year, on their six-year anniversary. And MAN, did he do a REALLY good job with that blinnnnngggg!

I’m SO happy for you guys, and am so thankful to have spent the afternoon with you. Hope you love these!














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